Arc Integration Partner: EnergyWatch

EnergyWatch provides a cloud-based energy management platform, watchwire, to manage all your energy usage and costs while providing you actionable insights and analytics to improve efficiency and reduce costs and carbon emissions.

EnergyWatch is an NYC based energy management software-as-a-service (EMSaaS) provider. Established in 2000 as one of the first consulting practices in the deregulated energy market in NYC, EnergyWatch has since expanded to help commercial and corporate real estate portfolios, Fortune 500 industrial/manufacturing and big-box retail, government, healthcare, and educational facilities across the U.S. reduce energy consumption, emissions, and expenses, simplify energy reporting, and measure and verify operational changes and capital projects.

Through their utility data analytics platform, watchwire, they acquire, audit, and consolidate utility invoice data, invoice images, and interval data across hundreds of utilities in 49 states and Mexico.

Contact: Andy Anderson, Managing Director and Partner



New York, New York