Arc Supports Schools with the New Digital Playground

Chris Pyke, Juliana Berglund-Brown, and Shikha Srinivas
Published on
Monday, September 21, 2020

Arc supports the Center for Green School’s Building Learners program – a unique effort to use school buildings to teach students about sustainability

This week, Arc continues its support with the launch of an updated version of the Arc Digital Playground. The updated Playground includes: 

  1. Updated building data for four model schools - Two elementary and two high schools are fully populated with data and ready to use in STEM exercises. They can illustrate key differences in performance between conventional and green schools.
  2. New “score modeling” tools - These calculators allow teachers and students to simulate the performance of schools and analyze changes in Arc Performance Scores for energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience. The Arc team has published new lessons taking advantage of these capabilities - find them on Learning Lab.
  3. New Arc Re-Entry data - Each project includes sample data for Arc Re-Entry, including information about infection control policies, occupant exercise, and indoor air quality. Learn more about Arc Re-Entry.
  4. New charts and graphs - A new Performance section for each project includes updated graphics, including scores and key performance indicators. The energy, water, waste, and human experience lessons challenge students to interpret these visualization and test their hypotheses. 
  5. Access is free with no login - The Playground to be an easy entry point into performance-based green building. Point your browser to to get started.

The Arc team is always here to help. You can reach us at