Arc Integration Partner: Commutifi

Develop data-driven commuting programs that actually work

Commutifi helps you create the right commuting programs for your buildings, saving you, your tenants, and your commuters time and money, while reducing harmful carbon emissions and scoring points toward your LEED certification.

Better understand your occupants’ commuting behaviors to develop data-driven amenities that address key problem spots. Create smarter, more sustainably-focused spaces to attract more tenants, address parking issues, and plan for the future of mobility.

Our platform allows you to address all your transportation needs in one place:

  • Understand commuting behaviors with advanced analytics and heat maps that help you identify problem points and voids in service
  • Develop effective amenities and push them directly to commuters for quicker rollouts
  • Manage your mobility solutions and commuters — parking, transit passes, bike share and more — all in a single marketplace
  • Measure impact and ROI with granular program metrics that increase efficiency and make reporting and compliance easy


General contact:

Business development contact:
Rich Schmelzer
720-242-6358 ext: 333

Connecting Commutifi and Arc
Complete the following steps to connect your Commutifi data to Arc:

  • Create an account with Commutifi and complete quick onboarding session
  • Building occupants register with Commutifi via a link you provide them
  • Connect your Arc account on your Commutifi dashboard
  • Your LEED Transportation Performance score is automatically calculated using our data and added to your Arc account
  • Improve your LEED Transportation Performance score using Commutifi tools and tracking