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Gautami Palanki
Published on
Friday, March 15, 2019

In over 80 countries, people are scoring their building’s performance: How does your space or building compare? How can it improve?

Arc provides any space or building with tools to measure and score operational performance.

Arc makes it easy to get started. Arc provides user-friendly tools to collect and manage information about energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. Users can upload data from existing sources, including ENERGY STAR™ Portfolio Manager and the GRESB Asset Spreadsheet. They can use Arc’s tools to collect new information about occupant satisfaction or transportation.

Arc aggregates information across categories and helps project teams analyze, explore and communicate their performance. This may start with a performance Score for a single category, such as waste, for an individual space and expand over time to multiple performance areas across a global portfolio. No project is too small and no portfolio is too large.

Arc scores help project teams create better, more valuable places and communicate performance to others. A high Arc performance Score means that a project is delivering superior conditions for occupants and benefits for the environment relative to other green buildings around the world.

Join the 72.5 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and 119.3 billion gallons of water being tracked on the platform now, and learn how your building compares.

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