Arc Integration Partner: QLEAR

Real-time data with QLEAR's complete environmental data management system

QLEAR’s platform provides an easy way to manage your building’s environmental data. As an integrated indoor environmental quality (IEQ) management system, data is collected, organized, and analyzed in real-time from air quality, electricity and other readily available data sources.

  • Centralize your network of environmental and health data into a single hardware-agnostic platform.
  • Discover what your data says. Use QLEAR's analytics tools to identify trends and reveal narratives.
  • Improvethe health of your occupants, the environmental impact of your locations and the bottom line of your organization.

Getting more out of QLEAR and Arc

QLEAR can provide real-time air quality and energy data for your projects on Arc. To see how QLEAR and Arc can work for your project, please reach out to QLEAR here: